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The Difference between Clear Liquor & Dark Liquor - iCohol.com

The Difference between Clear Liquor & Dark Liquor

Clear Liquor & Dark Liquor Facts and Myths

MYTH: Clear Liquor is Cheap liquor

Truth: This can ring true sometimes since clear liquor is alcohol in it’s normal state upon distillation and hasn’t been aged, etc. Just because a liquor is clear though doesn’t mean it’s cheap. You must learn to choose your liquors wisely.

MYTH: Switching between the two liquors (clear & dark) will make you more intoxicated faster.

Truth: Alcohol is alcohol regardless of color unless the percentage of alcohol in the liquor is different. If the percentage is the same then both liquors will cause intoxication at the same rate. This rate is called absorbtion and is dictated by various factors.

MYTH: Clear Liquor will get you drunk faster than Dark Liquor

Truth: Alcohol is simply alcohol. What dictates the level of intoxication from alcohol in a person is the absorbtion rate of that person. Absorbtion factors include body weight, amount of alcohol, metabolism, gender, etc.

What makes Dark Liquor and Clear Liquor different?
  • Dark Liquor contains added colors or flavorings
  • Clear Liquor is less likely to cause a hangover
  • Dark liquors tend to be much more flavorful than Clear Liquor
  • Dark Liquor contaisn Cogeners that can cause hangovers
  • Dark Liquor is generally aged
  • Clear liquor is generally cheaper to make than Dark
  • Clear liquor is the natural state of distilled liquor
  • Taste is 100% personal preference

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