Top 10 Whiskey Brands

Top 10 Whiskey Brands and Best Whiskey

Whiskey is known to be a spirit of many different reputations. Whiskey has been known to be embraced by the upper class drinkers as a spirit that defines elegance and class. Whiskey has also been known to be categorized as a backwoods country folk kind of liquor. We like to think of whiskey being somewhere right in the middle of both. Either way you look at it, whiskey is in large viewied as a man’s man kind of liquor brand. Whiskey is best known to hail from America (Tennessee/Kentucky) and Scotland, but in reality whiskey is actually produced in several other places in the world as well. Whiskey is produced in different forms, flavorings the world over.

Whiskey is unique in that each whiskey brand tends to carry it’s own reputation instead of whiskey as a whole having one reputation. For example: Jim Bean whiskey clearly doesn’t have the same reputation as Jameson whiskey (they’re also different types of whiskey). Throughout all the different variations, one constant holds true for all whiskey brands. Whiskey goes through a strict aging process and carries a very distinct flavor.

This articke will list out and explain the different whiskey types and the top 10 whiskey brands for each type.

These Whiskey types include:

  • Top 10 Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey Brands (American Whiskey)
  • Top 10 Scotch Whiskey Brands
  • Best Whiskey brands in the world

  • Whiskey overview

     Best whiskey brands

    The process of making whiskey involves whiskey being distilled from a fermented grain mash. Different distillers use different types of grains to create the different types of whiskey. These different types of grains used in whiskey can include wheat, rye, barley, corn, maize, malted barley, and malted rye. After whiskey has been distilled, it goes through an aging process. The whiskey aging process involves the whiskey aging in barrels and casks that are made of trade secret oak and wood. It can be argued that the whiskey aging process is the most important when it comes to quality of whiskey taste and texture.

    The process of distilling and again whiskey is strictly regulated, and each form of whiskey falls under a different aging process. These regulations and processes are upheld all around the world. The are several different ways to consume whiskey. The type of whiskey to be consumed will usually dictate how the whiskey is suppoed to be drank. Whiskey has been known to be drank straight, on ice, and also mixed with cola. It’s completely up to the consumer and his/her personal preference.


    Types of Whiskey:


    American Whiskey
  • Bourbon
  • Non Bourbon
  • Blended
  • Rye
  • Tennessee
  • Single Malt
  • Scotch Whiskey
  • Blended
  • Blended Grain
  • Grain
  • Single Grain
  • Blended Malt
  • Single Malt
  • Whiskies of the world
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Canadian Whiskey
  • Australian Whiskey
  • Japanese Whiskey
  • Swedish Whisky
  • Other whiskey types
  • Grain Whiskey
  • Whiskey Liqueur

  • What makes American(bourbon) whiskey different from Scotch whiskey?
    American Whiskey

    American whiskey is known to use several different grains such as corn, rye, maize during the fermenting process. American whiskey is also held to a different standard when it comes to aging and cask type (barrel). American whiskey has a reputation of being country and backwoods, and a burley man’s drink.

    Scotch whisky

    Scoth whiskey is held to strict standards and is barley based and is only distilled in the country of Scotland. Scotch whiskey also only uses a special kind of cask for aging. Scotch whiskey has the reputation of elegance and class.

    We prefer both.

    Best whiskey list explained

    The list of best whiskies below was made to highlight whiskey brands that wouldn’t be too hard for the average person to find at their local liquor store. We thought it would be pointless to add in rare, and hard to find whiskey brands. The odds are if you’re that much of a whiskey connoisseur then you most likely are a member of some elite whiskey forum, etc. We hope you enjoy these whiskey brands, because we sure do!

    Top 10 American Whiskey brands

    (Bourbon, Tennesse, etc.)

    1. Maker’s Mark Whiskey
    Our favorite American Bourbon Whiskey. We feel Maker’s Mark whiskey doesn’t really get the credit it deserves among the main stream public, and might be a bit underrated in regards to bourbon. They also take care of their customers. They are always sending out free stuff for their loyal customer base. If you like the taste of whiskey and for some reason haven’t had the pleasure of trying Marker’s mark, do yourself a favor and purchase a bottle.

    2. Four Roses Whiskey
    A whiskey that for a long period of time was hard to find in major stores. This might be the most underrated liquor, let alone whiskey in America. Four Roses Whiskey is top quality whiskey, that you might have to do a little searching for. Four Roses has been known to be a Whiskey Drinker’s whiskey.

    3. Knob Creek Whiskey
    When we feel like benig rough around the edges men, we reach for a bottle of Knob creek whiskey. Knob creek whiskey is known to feature a rich, strong taste, that’s dark in color. The price point is a little higher for Knob creek, but well worth it in the end. Knob creek whiskey is also known to have a very loyal customer base. It could be argued that any of the first three whiskey brands on this list deserve the number 1 spot.

    4. Blanton’s Whiskey
    We would have rated this whiskey a little higher, but it seems to have strong feelings either for it or against it. We happen to love this whiskey, but the price sparks anger with some. Blanton whiskey is known to have a rich flavor with subtle hints of caramel and vanilla.

    5. Woodford Reserve Whiskey
    Woodford Reserve Whiskey might be the best whiskey available for the price. This whiskey is quality in taste, and a favorite of thousands of whiskey lovers. Another whiskey with a very loyal customer base. We also love the name.

    6. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey
    The most popular whiskey in the world? Jack Daniel’s popularity is for great reason. This whiskey is rich in tradition and history. You can find bottles of Jack Daniel’s all over the world. When in doubt with your whiskey selection go with Jack Daniel’s.

    7. Wild Turkey Whiskey
    This whiskey is another very, very popular American whiskey. Wild Turkey is also great quality and just because a brand is super popular, it doesn’t mean that it’s not quality.

    8. Old Rip Van Winkle Whiskey
    This whiskey is strong. Old Rip packs a punch with a proof at 107. With a proof that high, one would assume that this whiskey would be lacking in taste. That’s not the case with Old Rip. We imagine we’ll be sipping this whiskey when we become wise old men, and telling stories to our grandchildren.

    9. Elijah Craig Whiskey
    This whiskey is excellent quality for the price you have to pay. For the ratio of quality to price this whiskey can’t be ignored on this best whiskey list. If you’re running low on funds, grab a bottle of Elijah and still enjoy great whiskey.

    10. Rebel Yell Whiskey
    Great whiskey as not as well known as maybe it should be. We love Rebel yell whiskey.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Fighting Cock Whiskey, Evan Williams Whiskey, Jim Beam, Eagle Rare Whiskey, Bulleit Whiskey

    Harder to find – but voted the best whiskey by whiskey Lovers
    Parker’s Heritage Collection 10 years old

    Top 10 Scotch whisky brands


    1. Glenlivet Scotch Whisky
    We wanted to be different and edgy, and not make Glenlivet our number 1 on this best scotch list; but we would be lying to ourseleves and everyone else. This is the best known “best Scotch whiskey” and has been around since the early 1800′s. This Scotch has won all of it’s awards on age. Glenlivet is Excellent Scotch whiskey and deserves our number 1 spot.

    2. Highland Park Scotch whisky
    Highland park has won tons of whiskey awards as well. This scotch has an excellent taste and texture. A strong claim could be made that this deserves the top spot on this scotch whiskey list.

    3. Bowmore Scotch Whisky
    We just love this whiskey, and maybe a little more than some other Scotch drinkers. It may be a personal preference but we love the taste of this whiskey and how it tastes straight. This Scotch is also great on our wallets.

    4. Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky
    The most popular scotch whiskey in the world? Depending on the color label, you could argue that Johnnie walker deserves a mention in the top 3 of this list. We took all the color labels into account decided it would be fair to land ol’ Johnnie at number 4.

    5. Old Pulteney Scotch Whisky
    A thicker scotch that in it’s own right has also won a load of awards based on it’s quality and brand.

    6. Black Bull Scotch whisky
    A full body Scotch that features a rich flavor. This scotch also features a great name that seems to fit it’s brand of scotch perfectly.

    7. Springbank Scotch Whisky
    This Scotch whiskey is known to be processed through a unique distillation process that involves brand secrets. This scotch whiskey is dark in color and great on the lips.

    8. Talisker Scotch Whisky
    A scotch whiskey that seems to be catching on around the world like wildfire. This scotch seems to capture the scottish spirit well with it bold taste and brand attitude.

    9. Macallan Scotch Whisky
    An excellent scotch that banks on sherry. This scotch has a very loyal customer base and for great reason. We love this Scotch as well.

    10. Dalmore Scotch Whisky
    Rounding out the best scotch whiskey list with this great scotch whiskey brand. This scotch features a robust texture and flavor.

    Best Whiskey brands in the world

    There is life for whiskey outside of the USA and Scotland. These are the best brands of whiskey that are made outside of the borders of those two great whiskey making nations.

    1. Jameson Irish Whiskey – Ireland
    2. Canadian Club Sherry Cask Whiskey – Canada
    3. Hibiki 21 years old – Japan
    4. Michael Collins Single Malt Whiskey – Ireland
    5. Yamazaki 1984
    6. Suntory Yamazaki 18 Whiskey – Japan 
    7. Lark Whisky – Australian
    8. Mackmyra Swedish Single Malt Whisky – Sweden 

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