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Best Alcohol Shots to Order and Drink - iCohol.com

Best alcohol shots to order

Best Alcohol Shots to Order and Drink

It’s a bar/club ritual in our group of friends to shoot shots whenever we go out for a night of booze & fun. We caught ourselves always ordering the same shots everytime we went out. We did what we could to fix this problem and started to research the different shot recipes and shots we could order at the bar. After lots of experimenting, we’re proud to bring you this best shots to drink list. We divided the list up into several different categories. These categories depend on what you’re trying to achieve with the shot. (Women, drink, make friend’s puke lol).

Best Shots overview

  • Best Shots to order a group
  • Best Shots to order women
  • Best shots to make your friends puke

  • Best shots to order a group

    Scooby Snack
    Delicous shot that tastes great and always a crowd pleaser.

    Main Ingredients: Coconut rum, pineapple juice, melon liqueur, creme de bananes

    Soco and lime
    This is our favorite group shot. These shots are delicious and strong enough to be worth taking a shot of.

    Main Ingredients: Sweetened lime Juice, Southern Comfort

    We shower in this s*it! It could be argued that this is the most popular shot in the world.

    Main Ingredients: Jagermeister, Energy Drink

    This shot is a group shot favorite, but only if they like vodka!

    Main Ingredients: Vodka, lime juice, triple sec

    3 Wise men
    This shot is all whiskey and if you don’t like the taste of whiskey then stay away.

    Main Ingredients: Jim Bean, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker

    Purple Hooter
    These are borderline chick shots, but they have vodka in them and taste good.

    Main Ingredients: Vodka, Rasberry liqueur, 7-up

    Tequila shots
    Choose any tequila brand, they all work the same(except Aristocrat..more on this later). Tequila shots are always great for groups since they involve salt, lime, and body shots?

    Main Ingredients: Tequila

    Lemon drop
    These shots can either be great or taste like pure vodka. It takes a skilled barmaster to serve these shots correctly. If these shots are done right then they always make a great crowd pleaser.

    Main Ingredients: Vodka, Lemon juice, sugar

    <Cherry Bomb
    Like the jager bomb, but with cherry vodka. These shots are tasty.

    Main Ingredients: Cherry vodka, energy drink

    Washington apple
    Don’t be fooled by this shot’s name. This shot contains Crow Royal and they pile on after time.

    Main Ingredients: Crown Royal, apple schnapps, 7-up, cranberry juice

    Mind Eraser
    We never understood the naming behind this shot. It’s not that strong or mind erasing, but it is delicious when it hits the lips.

    Main Ingredients: Vodka, Kahlua, tonic/sprite

    Incredible Hulk
    Ahh the black man’s kryptonite. Crazy story involving these shots when we were in Vegas.

    Main Ingredients: Hennessy, Hipnotiq

    This might be the people’s favorite and they just don’t know it. Every person we have ever ordered this shot for, loves them.

    Main Ingredients: Kahlua, amaretto, irish cream

    Alabama Slammer
    Our resident booze friend in Alabama claims this alabama slammer recipe is the legit one.

    Main Ingredients: Southern Comfort(So-Co), amaretto, cranberry juice

    Best shots to order women

    Chocolate Cake
    She will love these shots. They taste just like chocolate cake.

    Main Ingredients: Vodka, Frangelico, Lemon, Sugar

    Red headed slut
    A staple of cougars everywhere.

    Main Ingredients: Peach Schnapps, jagermeister, cranberry Juice

    Jolly Rancher
    This shot is a little on the sweet side, so don’t go crazy with it.

    Main Ingredients: Apple Schnapps, peach schnapps, cranberry Juice

    Pineapple upside down cake
    We have to admit, we love this shot. It’s a total chick shot, but they’re oh so good.

    Main Ingredients: Vanilla flavored vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine

    Buttery Nipple
    This shot could go in the group shots category as well. This is a very tasty shot, but can become a little much on the stomach after too many.

    Main Ingredients: Buttershots Liqueur, irish cream

    Surfer on acid
    This shot recipe looks like it would be disgusting, but it’s like ranch and pizza.

    Main Ingredients: Jagermeister, coconut rum, pineapple juice

    Blow Job shot
    You have to be careful, some women might take offense to this shot, and some well, will love it.

    Main Ingredients: Kahlua, irish cream, whipped cream

     Best shots to make your friends puke

    Four Horsemen
    A legendary shot, that conjurs cringes of fear when mentioned. We have some rough stories from the four horsemen.

    Main Ingredients: Jagermeister, jose Cuervo, bacardi 151, peppermint Liqueur

    Look at this shot recipe, seriously. This shot is borderline insanity. Greek liquor mixed with Mexican liquor and hot sauce? How does that even make sense?

    Main Ingredients: Sambuca, tequila, hot sauce

    Gorilla Fart
    These shots are simple, and effective. They will knock you on your ass.

    Main Ingredients: Bacardi 151, Wild turkey 101

    Cement mixer
    These shot are notorious for making people puke. This shot once mixed causes the the mix to curdle in the person’s mouth. This shot is makes our stomachs turn just thinking about it.

    Main Ingredients: Irish cream, lime juice

    Aristocrat Tequila
    The only shot on our list that isn’t mixed. You order this shot straight up. This tequila is rough.

    Main Ingredients: Aristocrat Tequila

    Motor oil
    This shot is disgusting. Everytime we try it we struggle to figure out why we even thought about taking it in the first place.

    Main Ingredients: Jagermeister, goldschlager, peppermint schnapps, coconut rum

    New Jersey Turnpike
    This isn’t really a shot, more-so a torture device. This shot involves draining the liquor from the bar mart into a shot glass, and topped off by the bartender’s squeezed bar towel.

    Main Ingredients: The bar mat, and bar rag

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