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Top 10 Alcohol consuming countries - iCohol.com

Top 10 Alcohol consuming countries

Top 10 alcohol drinking nations

Have you ever wondered what country drinks the most? Does the acohol consumption of a country relate to how hard they party? Many countries around the world have reputations for consuming alcohol and some cultures even revolve completely around alcohol. There is much more to this list than just measuring by alcohol consumption. Do these countries consume mostly wine? Do they consume beer? We grade a nation of beer drinkers on this list much higher than a nation of wine drinkers. This list is by no means a perfect list, but just our opinions!

Metrics we used to form this list:

  • Amount of drinking establishments by captia
  • Posted studies of alcohol consumption by country
  • The overall drinking culture of the country
  • The types of alcohol consumed in each country

  • 1. Czech Republic

    We love this country. Czech Republic is the number 1 consumer country of beer in the world. The Czech also have a very rich tradition and culture revolving around alcohol. This country is very deserving of our number one spot on this list.

    2. Estonia

    Estonia drinks hard liquor. They’re in the top 99% of the world country per capita that consumes spirits. Even though they drink such a high amount of spirits, they also consume a high amount of beer as well. You could argue this country as number on this list and we would listen!

    3. South Korea

    South Korea shocked us. We knew our Korean friends liked to enjoy a drink or two, but we didn’t know they consumed at the rate the statistics show. South Korea might be the most underrated drinking country on this list. The majority of their spirtis are rice based.

    4. Russia
    Mother Russia and Vodka go hand and hand. What would be a list of drinking nations without the inclusion of Russia? They have a great drinking culture and loads of bars per capita. I doubt anyone would question their place on this list.

    5. Ireland
    Coming into this list we thought Ireland would naturally be number one on this list. If we were ranking on drinking culture alone, Ireland would be number one on this list. They’re lack of liquor consumption brings them down a bit, but they show up strong with beer consumption. If we had to drink our days away in one nation, we’d pick Ireland.

    6. Ukraine
    Ukraine is obviously not Russia, but they share alot of the same drinking culture. So naturally they would wind up near Russia on this list.

    7. Germany
    Germany is another country we thought would be in the top three on this list. Germany is known for it’s amazing culture revolving around alcohol. I’m sure there isn’t too many people on the planet that hasn’t heard of Oktoberfest or the Beer garden. The downfall on this list for Germany was that the majority of their alcohol consumption was mostly beer.

    8. France
    Even though France has a reputation for being a wine and cheese crowd, they can throw down the drinks. They might be the highest consumers of wine in the world, and seem to drink it with most meals.

    9. Hungary
    Hugary consumes alcohol in high amount regardless the type. They consume beer, liquor, and wine in large amounts. They might not be a country that comes right to you when you think drniking nations, but they scored high on our list.

    10. Luxembourg
    Luxemburg is the acutal top consumer of wine on this list and not France. Luxemburg is know for it’s high dollar lifestyle and culture. This accounts for all the wine being consumed in this country!

    Honorable mentions

    United Kingdom – Was shocked at the numbers. We thought for sure they would be top 5.
    Lativa – Heavy drinkers that could be argued in the top 10.
    Italy – Our love of Lemoncello is enough to get them a mention. Sorrento is close to our hearts.
    Moldova – During our research we read a lot about Moldova, and they’re worthy of a mention.
    United States – Because we live there!
    Rest of the world – We love you too!

    What say you, world?!? #drinknation

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