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Top 10 Lager Beer Brands

Top 10 Lager Beer Brands and Best Lager

Lager is considered the most popular type of beer in the world.

Lager beer is one of two major types of beer. The other major type of beer is Ale. There are several different types of lager all around the world. Lager is generally golden-brown in color, but also comes in darker color as well (pale lager & dark lager). Lager is bottom fermented where the yeast settles at the bottom during fermentation. The fermentation process is done at a cold temperature. After fermentation, lager is stored for weeks to months before it’s ready for consumption.

Enough with the basics, listed below are the selections for our Top 10 Lager Beer Brands.

We’re not going to get too crazy and list lagers that are impossible to find. These top 10 are lagers that you can get your hands on.

Top 10 Lager Beers

1. Samuel Adam Double Bock

We’ll admit, we’re a little bias. We love Sam Adams, and it’s an American brand. Their seasonal brews are amazing, and conjure up instant nostalgia. In our opinion Double Bock is hands down the best lager in the world. Double Bock is thick, ruby red, and silky smooth with hints of chocolate, caramel, raisin, and sweet toffee. We we’re tempted to give the top 3 spots to Double Bock. It’s that good.

2. Knappstein Reserve Lager

Produced in South Austraila with Sauvin hops. This lager is distinctly fruity and floral. An excellent choice of lager and well deserving of the number two spot in this list.

3. San Miguel 1516

Produced in Spain. This lager is light gold, with hints of lemon, spice, tobacco. This lager tastes unique.

4. Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock
Glissade has a rich golden color and subtle malt flavor, that’s balanced with various spicy and floral aromas of European hops. We’re big fans.

5. Buffalo Water Bison Blonde
Crisp golden lager with subtle citrus aroma. Very refreshing and great in the summertime. You can’t go wrong with this lager.

6. Trumer Pils
An Austrian beer with light head and golden wheat color. This Pilsner is picking up steam in America. They have a brewery located in CA.

7. Paulaner Salvator
Produced in Germany. This lager has a malty taste with a dark amber color and caramel aroma.

8. Moosehead Lager
Produced in Canada. Moosehead has a great balance balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Slightly thicker than an average beer.

9. Bernard Sváteční Ležák
Produced in the Czech Republic. Mild sweet taste with a mild grassy aroma and clear, pale golden color.

10. Fish Rock Leatherjacket Lager
This pale lager is produced in Australia. Leather Jacket has sweet barley flavors, with a hint of spice. This lager has a golden yellow color.

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