Top 10 Underrated Liquor Brands

Top 10 Underrated Liquor Brands and best liquor

I always find myself overwhelmed with possible drink choices when I go out with friends for a night on the town, and end up taking the easy route with a Simple Whiskey or Rum drink. Pour in a little whiskey, add in a little cola. My night has begun; It gets old after a while.

After years of doing so at an alarming rate, ordering the same set of drinks and shots when i’m out with friends or simply craving a drink. I figured out this just didn’t stop at the type of drink or shot. I also found myself sticking with the same two or three brands of liquor as well. In an attempt to become more sporadic, I began to research various types of alcohol and liquor brands. I quickly found that there was an entirely new world of booze and liquor I had yet to conquer.

Chances are your local bar offers thousands of possible liquor and Alcohol combinations, so where to start? I’ll attempt to get you started with this list of the top ten liquor brands you’re not drinking.

I’m fully aware that some people out there have tried all of these liquor brands and are awesome at everything in life. This top 10 list wasn’t made for you. I made it for the other 99% of the people on earth.

1. Barenjager

Country: Germany
Alcohol Strength: 35% (70 Proof)
Hard to find?: No

I love everything about Barenjager. The taste, the alcohol proof, how fun it is to take shots of. Barenjager is a honey liqueur that packs a strong punch. When you first take a shot of it, it hits you with a strong alcohol taste. Within 3 seconds that taste turns into sweet beautiful honey nectar of the gods. Whenever I have friends coming over to pregame, i’ll grab a bottle at the store; so we can take shots. It’s a lot of fun when taking shots with your friends and watching everyones faces. Women seem to love this stuff as well.

2. Goslings Black Seal

Country: Bermuda
Alcohol Strength: 40% (80 Proof)
Hard to find?: No

Goslings black rum isn’t your typical rum liquor brand. First off it’s black, and offers a unique taste. It feels so much different than every other rum liquor brand i’ve ever tried. I love the taste of goslings black rum and was tempted to make it number one on this liquor brand list. I could see how some might not like it, because it’s so different than convential tasting rum. In my opinion Goslings Black rum tastes best mixed with cola.

3. Luksusowa

Country: Poland
Alcohol Strength: 40% (80 Proof)
Hard to find?: Slightly

In keeping the same theme as the liquor brand mentioned before it, Luksusowa Vodka isn’t your typical vodka. It’s a potato vodka that brings amazing quality for the price it costs. I think it tastes better than the vast majority of premium vodka liquor brands and costs half as much. This vodka seems to be a little known vodka that deserves much more credit.

4. Voodoo Tiki Tequila Anejo

Country: Mexico
Alcohol Strength: 40% (80 Proof)
Hard to find?: Moderate

This aged tequila is so money. It has a unique taste which is pretty hard for tequila liquor brands. It’s easily one of the most underrated tequila brands in the world. Voodoo Tiki Tequila in my opinion is far better than Patron, Cabo Wabo, etc. The only con with this tequila is that it can sometimes be a little hard to find at your local store.

5. Disaronno

Country: Italy
Alcohol Strength: 28% (56 Proof)
Hard to find?: No

Disaronno has really stepped up their marketing over the last couple of years, but I still don’t see it as a widly popular alcohol brand. Disaronno is a type of Amaretto that has an excellent almond flavor. This liqueur brand goes down well straight on the rocks or mixed. I personally love drinking Disaronno on the rocks. It’s just sweet enough to taste great, but still not be a total chick drink.

6. Romana Sambuca

Country: Italy
Alcohol Strength: 41% (82 Proof)
Hard to find?: Slightly

Sambuca is known to taste strongly like licorice when consumed. This alone makes Sambuca a hate it or love it liquor brand. If you don’t like the taste of licorice, then I would say you wouldn’t like this as well. If you do like the taste of licorice then go snag a bottle and you won’t be let down.

7. Burnett’s gin

Country: USA (KY)
Alcohol Strength: 40% (80 Proof)
Hard to find?: No

A little known secret is that this gin liquor brand goes through the same process as other top shelf gin brands. This gin is severly underrated and avalable pretty much everywhere. If you like gin, do yourself a favor and get a bottle.
This gin goes through the same process as most top shelf gin. It might be the most underrated gin available in mass.

8. Jim Beam Red Stag

Country: USA (KY)
Alcohol Strength: 40% (80 Proof)
Hard to find?: No

I think Jim Bean hit a home rum with this liquor brand. Red stag has a great unique taste, but still is able to hold it’s man power. Red stag is a Bourbon that’s infused with black cherry. If you’re a boubon drinker and looking for something different and fun, then this might be your best shot.

9. Limoncello

Country: Italy (Southern)
Alcohol Strength: Varies
Hard to find?: Moderate

Limoncello is a great tasting lemon liqueur with a great kick. Everytime I visit Italy, I make it a must to pick up some limoncello. There’s a degree of nostalgia whenever I drink limoncello that brings back memories of Italy and great times.

10. Sailor Jerry

Country: U.S Virgin Islands
Alcohol Strength: 46% (92 Proof)
Hard to find?: No

I have a love affair with this rum. It’s my personal favorite and I have strong bias towards it. For this reason I decided to put it a little lower on the list, I didn’t want my bias taking over. This rum has a nip of caramel and a serious kick at 92 proof. This rum is delcious and strong. It also doesn’t hurt that Sailor Jerry himself was known to be a kick ass tattoo artist and all around guy. The original most interesting man in the world? I say so.

Want more?

I aimed to make this list simple for people out there to find great brands that aren’t overly mainstream. If you have any other brand suggestions, then send them in or comment below. I’m all about sharing the wealth!

Discuss! #underratedliquor

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