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How to do the Perfect Keg Stand - iCohol.com

How to do a Keg Stand

Best Way to do a Keg Stand

Ever frequented a party with hot women, only to make yourself look like a complete pansy by only keg standing for 10 seconds? We wish we could say we’ve been there, but we haven’t. Here’s how we prefer to Keg Stand when we’re out getting nuts at a local rager. You’re fast on your way to bitchin’ the keg stand.

  • Tap the Keg. Pump the Beer.
  • Locate three people to assist.
  • Two people will lift you. Choose wisely.
  • Third person will pump the keg.
  • Ensure the keg is primed for domination.
  • Wink at the surrounding hotties.
  • Center yourself with the keg.
  • Grab the KEG HANDLES. Prepare to be lifted.
  • Assume the lifted handstand position.
  • Pumper person releases valve.
  • Make sure they don’t pump right away.
  • The longer you last, the more awesome you look.

  • The key to success

    Always keep chugging, never fill your mouth up while keg standing. This is where champions are made. If you can fight off the urge to fill your mouth up and continue chugging you will be keg stand like a pro.

    The person on the pump is your only hope. If they pump like a madman, you’re screwed. Make sure you have an understanding of pump frequency before you launch.

    Air is your worst enemy. Shun it.


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