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How to make beer at home - iCohol.com

How to make beer at home

How to brew beer at home

Ever wanted to be your own beer brewmaster? Well you’re in luck! This article lists out the step by step to brewing your own batch of beer at home. Imagine women will love your batch and men will idolize your awesome boozology.

Equipment needed

You can walk to the nearest store and pick up a beer kit, but these are the basics:

  • Large canning pot to boil in
  • Beer Bottling equipment (caps and a bottler)
  • A bucket with a lid
  • An airlock to attach to the your bucket (Available @ Amazon
  • Hops
  • Malted barley or extract
  • Yeast
  • Thermometer
  • Measuring cup

    Beer Brewing at home process Overview

    1. Sanitize everything
    2. Boil the Barley add add in the hops
    3. Cool after mixing and boiling
    4. Ferment
    5. Bottle the beer
    6. Drink your beer

    How to make beer step-by-step


    • 1. Sanitize Everything:  You don’t want your beer brew to have any chance of being spoiled or contaminated. Be sure to wash and sanitize everything. To make sure you kill all germs you can always boil everything in addition to boiling.
    • 2. Create the Wort:  Wort serves as the base of your beer brew and is basically the mixture of barley and hops. This beer base of barley and hops will be fermented later by adding in the yeast. You’ll want to start by boiling a measure amount of water in your large pot. When the water reaches the boiling point, dump it into a large bucket to start the cooling process. Now you will add the Malted Barley and the base hops. Once you have maked sure that everything has been completely mixed throughout you will then continue to boil the beer base for about an hour. You will need to stir frequently, so be sure you keep an eye on the batch throughout the process. Don’t forget to add in finishing hops to the boil. You will also need to begin boiling another pot of water that we will use later!
    • 3. Cool down the Wort: You will need to cool down the wort ASAP after it’s done boiling.The best way might be to place your pot into a tub or sink filled with cold water/ice water. The point is to bring down the temperature down as fast a possible to allow the yeast to begin it’s fermentation magic. You will want to shoot for cooling the wort down to the 70 degree range.
    • 4. Fermentation: No the time comes for the extra pot we set aside boiling earlier. You will now add the yeast packets to that pot. Take out the beer base wort mixture that has been cooled off and add it to the new water & yeast combo a large bucket. Once everything has been mixed, cover it with an airlock, then place the beer batch in a cool, dark room. Leave the beer batch to ferment for 10-15 days. Remember to never touch the airlock during the process, unless you like crap beer.
    • 5. Bottling: Be sure to sanitize all bottles and caps before the beer bottling process. You can boil pretty much all equipment involved to be sure it’s sanitized. Boil a measured amount of raw cane sugar in a measured amount of water and allow it to cool. Once this has cooled, combine the mixture into the beer batch fermentation bucket. Allow the mixture to sit for around 15-25 minutes.This process is actually what gives the beer its carbonation. Once the next mixture has settled, you can begin bottling the batch.You will need to siphon the beer batch into the bottles (Remember to maintain sanitation!). You will cap each bottle as you fill it. You can automate this process by purchasing a capping machine. You will then let the bottled beers to sit at room temperature, in the dark for 7-14 days. This will allow the carbonation to build up in the beer bottles.
    • 6. Sit down, Pour beer, Drink, Be Happy, Profit

    Discuss! #beerbrew

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