Top 10 Wine & Spirit Christmas Gift Ideas

Our Top Ten Selection of Wine & Spirits Gift Baskets

Getting the perfect gift for that special someone, co-worker, friend, or relative is always a difficult task and when one needs to purchase the gift in a hurry (due to forgetting a certain date or special occasion until it’s almost too late); it can be downright panic-inducing. Not only does one need to get the gift, one needs to get a gift the recipient will like, and furthermore the peripheral gift-giving duties such as wrapping and presentation must also be done.

At, a wonderful solution is offered to those who simply must present a substantial and thoughtful gift but need a lot of help; offers specially made gift baskets in beautiful storage containers and lots of extra goodies that will be sure to thrill the recipient to bits. Not only do they attractively arrange and wrap their gift baskets; they will also have the gift baskets promptly delivered by Standard Delivery with a personalized gift card so that the recipient will receive the unexpected and delightful gift in their mail.

Here are our Top Ten Spirits Gift Baskets that currently has on offer.

The Godiva Liqueur Gift Basket Godiva chocolate liqueurs are described as heavenly, smooth and rich, which make them perfect for any chocolate lover. The $159 USD price tag includes a beautiful bottle of the liqueur and high-end assortment of Godiva chocolates, all packaged in a re-usable trunk. The price also includes Standard Delivery anywhere in the Continental U.S. Order It Now!

An absolute must-have for those who enjoy whiskey liqueurs, this gift assortment includes a bottle of Drambuie whiskey liqueur, chocolate, cheese, crackers and an assortment of dried fruit and comes in a beautiful gold wire basket. The all-inclusive price which covers Standard Delivery in the Continental U. S. is $161. Order It Now!

The Montgras Quatro Three Bottle Wine Set Although not technically a gift basket, this gift set of three high quality wines will be sure to please the person who enjoys a great glass of dry red. Included are Faustino I Gran Reserva Rioja from Spain, Santa Rita Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile and Montgras Carmenere Wines, also from South America. $155 includes the cost of Standard Delivery anywhere in the Continental U.S. Order It Now!

#4 Crown Jewel –Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey Gift Basket The ideal gift for an outdoorsman or anyone who enjoys a good rye whiskey, this gift basket comes in a gorgeous wooden bottle carrier filled with Godiva chocolates, cookies, and cheese spread along with a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve Whiskey. $176 includes delivery in the Continental United States. Order It Now!

#5 Chocolate Wine Gift Basket
This is also a very good gift to consider for the chocoholic on your list, especially if that person is not too keen on liqueurs and prefers the lighter texture of a wine. At $85 including delivery, this bottle of chocolate wine with its accompanying selection of gourmet chocolates is sure to be a hit with the recipient. Order It Now!

#6 Wine Gift Basket
Shimmering Cheers If you need to get a nice gift for an employee or for a wedding, the Shimmering Cheers basket is the best solution: not only does it come with a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine, it comes with a shimmering , attractive two-bottle wine holder and an easy-to-use corkscrew. $95 includes Standard Delivery to all places in the Continental U.S. Order It Now!

#7 Champagne Gift Basket
Bucket Of Bubbly This is the gift for very big occasions; a friend or relative’s wedding, celebrating a big promotion, or a milestone birthday or an anniversary. For $275 which includes delivery, the beautiful champagne bucket is filled with three high quality bubblies, gourmet chocolates, cheese spreads, crackers, salmon spread and biscotti. Order It Now!

#8 Bombay Sapphire Gin Gift Basket
Sapphire Blue If one needs to get a gift for a person who loves good, flavourful and fragrant martinis done the right way, The Bombay Gin Gift Basket is by far the best choice. Featuring one of the best and most iconic gins available on the market, the gift basket also comes with gourmet chocolates and cookies in a rustic-looking wicker basket. Delivery is included for $125. Order It Now!

#9 Patrón Tequila Gift Basket
Shake It Up For the aspiring bartender who wishes to whip up his or her own personalized margaritas,, nothing could be better than this gift basket, which at $149 includes delivery anywhere in the Continental U.S. Featuring the well-reputed Patrón Silver Tequila, fresh limes, a drink shaker, margarita mix and nuts are added to the gift, which is all packaged in a faux leather container. Order It Now!

#10 Ultimate Collection Gift Basket
Not everybody drinks alcohol, and the people at have kept them in mind too, offering a fabulous selection of non-alcoholic gift baskets. The best of these gift baskets is the Ultimate Collection, which includes fudge, cheeses, crackers, dried fruit and gourmet chocolate in a beautifully built wood-hinged box for $99. As with all the other gifts on offer, delivery is included in the price to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Order It Now!

Gift giving doesn’t have to be hard; a quick call to the people at can help one find the perfect gift in a short amount of time. And while many will find the perfect present for someone else, they will probably also find a little something that they might want to get for themselves.

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