What Your Drink Reveals About You

What Your Drink Reveals About You

Like body language, the clothes you wear and the products you use will say a lot about you. The types of drinks you order while at the pub, bar or nightclub will also reveal some of your subconscious characteristics to others. What you drink speaks volumes about you. Here is what your drink says about you to other patrons.

Domestic draft beer: You’re a hardworking person, possibly in the trades and blue collar. You don’t want anything fancy, just a plain’ old beer at the end of a hard day’s work. You tend to be easy to get along with. You are suspicious of “weird beer” whose names you don’t recognize.

Imported European beers: You might be well educated, and you like the more intense flavour of a German, Dutch or Belgian beer. Or you might want people to think you’re foreign or you want to show off your knowledge of beer. Or maybe you just want to appear more sophisticated than you actually are.

Craft or microbrewery beer: You’re a person who wants more than what a mass-produced beer can offer; you want to adventure a little bit without going overboard. However, by constantly yakking about how awesome microbeers are and criticizing other people’s tastes in domestic draft, your drinking companions will get fed up of your windbaggery. Craft beers are great, so spread the word in a good way, not by disparaging other’s choices.

Guinness beer: In a North American context, drinking a Guinness means you’re a serious beer drinker; not many can take the thick consistency, black color and heavy flavors. By ordering a Guinness or any other stout beer, you’re basically telling the bartender: “I know exactly what I’m doing and I appreciate a good drink.”

Long Island Iced Tea: “I want to get drunk in the least painful way possible!” This is usually a favorite with those who have just reached the legal drinking age; it’s a drink that is strong and goes down easily. It’s not particularly popular with the over-30 crowd; a 40-year old ordering one might raise a few eyebrows.

Grand Marnier or any other fine liqueur: This shows that you know about the finer things in life and that “trendy” cocktails don’t really matter to you. By ordering one of these, the bartender or waiter will know that you’re a true connoisseur of alcoholic beverages.

Red wine: You’re over thirty, probably highly educated, and like to read. You probably prefer settings like a pub over a nightclub as you like to have a conversation with your friends and companions.

White wine: You’re probably female, over 40 years old, and blond. You don’t like beer or sugary cocktails, and you don’t like to stick out too much. However, if you order a glass of white wine to pair with food that you’re ordering, you’re probably a wine connoisseur of either gender.

Gin or vodka Martini: You’re probably a well-off white collar office worker who’s had a very bad day and is in need of a good stiff drink. Or you’re a kid who’s trying to look sophisticated by ordering one. If this is the case, as soon as you take a sip, you’re probably going to make a face and you’ll get called out on your “sophistication”.
Bloody Mary or Caesar: If you’re drinking a Bloody Mary, you’re probably nursing a hangover. If you’re drinking a Caesar, you’re probably just Canadian.

Gin and Tonic: You’ve probably got lots of money, but you’re discreet about it. Or you might be an archaeologist/social anthropologist.

Single malt Scotch: You’re probably rather wealthy, or you’re highly educated, or quite possibly both. You’re accomplished but don’t like to brag about your achievements, and you’re also contemplative. And you’re probably over 30. If you’re younger than 30, you tend to be a bit pretentious.

RedBull and Vodka: A popular drink amongst the hard-partying university students who want energy yet still want a buzz from alcohol. If this is your drink of choice, you probably don’t mind that you don’t remember much from the night before.

Fruit Margaritas: You’re a lady who’s ready to P-A-R-T-Y. If you’re male, you’re comfortable in your own skin and don’t give a flying flip what people think of you. You like what you like.

White Russian: If you’re a man and you order this, you’re probably a fan of The Big Lebowski, talk about The Big Lebowski, and maybe even dream of a Big Lebowski remake. And you’ve probably got an “ironic” moustache or a tattoo of chopsticks on your forearm. Or both.

And finally….

Tequila shots: If taken at the start of the evening, you’re probably in your mid-twenties, a person who’s fun-loving and wants to get the party started; you’re crazy in a good way. If tequila shots are your drink of choice at the end of the night when the clubs are closing, you might be the type who’ll get into fights in the parking lot or have no idea how on earth you ended up in a stranger’s bathroom. You’re crazy in a bad way.

Fine Tequila, slowly sipped with either a beer or sangrita chaser: You’re a person who’s either been to Mexico or knows that good tequila is best enjoyed when sipped over a period of time. You are understated charm and sophistication, probably educated and enjoy a great night out without letting things spin out of control.

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