Ch@t Vodka Review

Usually you get as drunk as possible to deal with school but a new brand of Vodka actually came FROM a school assignment. Pennsylvania resident Melissa Sohmer is turning homework into something much more as she’s released Ch@t Vodka into the world.

There are two things about it that make it different then the vodka you’re used to. The first is the taste. Ch@t Vodka doesn’t use typical methods to give it an unforgettable flavour. They use a process called TerrePure that takes far less time to age the vodka. It takes away the harsh elements commonly left behind when the traditional routes are taken and replaces them with ultrasonic energy leaving behind a smooth subtle taste with character. Think of it as an upgrade.

The other thing helping it stand out is its youthful appearance. While Vodka is enjoyed by drinkers of all ages, it’s marketing demographic is rarely someone in their early 20’s. Ch@t Vodka flips that on its ear by labeling bottles with popular text acronyms, helping younger drinkers relate to its product. It doesn’t hurt that it tastes great and has a fun taste as well! Ch@t comes in two flavours, both named after popular internet acronyms. The original flavour vodka is called P2P (or Person to Person) but it also boasts a fun strawberry flavoured vodka called SMH (or Shaking my Head, something you’ll be doing plenty of the next morning as it tends to go down smooth and easy). If the chosen acronyms seem random, they’re not. The first letter tells you what flavour it is. The P in P2P is for Plain (Vodka flavoured) and the S in SMH is for Strawberry. As the line expands expect future text friendly names.

Like I said above, Ch@t Vodka started as graphic design assignment in college. Her goal was to combine the ever importance of social media and alcohol. Ch@t is truly a family run affair. While it was Melissa’s original idea, she involved her father, who helped her make the prototype and network with experts and distillers, and her uncle Scott, who is assisting with the marketing and making the majority of the sales calls. Right now it’s marketed at just under $30, making it the perfect price for the younger crowd to enjoy. It’s only been a few months since Ch@t made its grand debut but it’s already sold in 10 suppliers in New Jersey, as well as on special order in Pennsylvania, and a select few restaurants with more to be added.

Having tried both kinds it’s easy to see why this will be successful. The regular flavoured Ch@t vodka (P2P) goes down much smoother, as advertised, with less of that harsh taste. If flavoured vodka is more up your ally you’ll definitely enjoy the strawberry flavor (SMH). It has a fruity taste but not enough to overpower the vodka and make it too sweet. Whichever you prefer Ch@t Vodka is doing things their own way and making drinking with friends even more youthful.

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