Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Think back to the last beer commercial you saw on TV. Do you remember which brand it advertised? It was probably Molson or Coors, right? Over the last decade a particular brand has anchored itself in the beer world without throwing millions of dollars into…

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Top 10 Belgian Beer Brands

Top 10 Belgian Beer Brands and Best Belgian Beer

If it wasn’t for Germany being next door, Belgium would be at the top in world beer rankings. It’s right up there anyway, though! Belgium’s over 700 beers range from rare delicacies reminiscent of fine wine to hearty…

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Top 10 Strongest Beers

Top 10 Strongest Beers and Strongest Beer in the World

So you’re a beer drinker huh? I bet you pride yourself on being able to decipher the tastes and also being able to handle a ton of it right? What man can’t handle a 24 pack of beer…

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Top 10 German Beers

Top 10 German Beers and Best German Beer

Germany is one of the top 3 homelands of beer, surpassed only by Ireland and Czech Republic. You can find over 5000 brands of beer there, and each region produces one or more special types. Most are good, and some are just…

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Top 10 Summer Beers

Top 10 Summer Beers and Best Summer Beer

The sun is out and the grills are hot! While many are spending time questioning the early arrival of summer, here at icohol, the only questions we ask when the weather looks like this, is what summer beer we’ll be pulling…

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Top 10 Lager Beer Brands

We overview our selections for best lager beers in this top 10 lager beer brand list. We also list our favorite Lager Beer.

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Top 10 Starter Beers

Drinking can sometimes be like getting your first tattoo or your first piercing, whichever you start with you tend to get…

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