Top 10 White Wine Brands

Top 10 White Wines and Best White Wine

When we think extravagent parties and grand celebrations, we can’t help but think of a party people passing around glasses of various types of white wines. What’s a celebration without toasts and bottles of the bubbly? White wines come in many different forms and each type has it’s own unique taste, and aroma. Since there are an endless number of white wnie brands we will be listing this list out by major types of white wine. Later on we will list our top 10 favorite brands for each type of white wine. White wine is also generally drank with light meals, like lunch.

This list is filled with our top 10 favorite brands of white wine.

Top Ten White Wine Brands

1. Champagne

One of the most popular white wines in the world. Champagne goes hand in hand with celebrations and festive events. Champagne brands are named after the houses that produce them. The name “Champagne”, however, comes from the eponymous place in France. A dry wine, champagne generally should not be stored for more than two years after its release.

2. Pinot Grigio

A light and summary white wine, Pinot Grigio is also one of the most popular white wines in the world. Brands which are well known for marketing Pinot Grigio are Barefoot, Cavit and Santa Margherita (we’ll go more into this later with other top 10 lists). Pinot Grigio is made from the grape Pinot Gris and is known to have a tangy and citrus flavor.

3. Chardonnay

Named after the grape from which this white wine is produced. Chardonnay is grown in many places around the world like provinces in France, Australia, Italy, North America and even New Zealand. Chardonnay is an oak flavored white wine that pairs well with heavy meals. This white wine has a certain feel of class to it.

4. Sauvignon Blanc

Again named after the grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc was first produced in France. Production was then followed by places like California, South Africa, Chile and New Zealand. This white wine has a grassy taste and can be at times very acidic, if the grapes are not ripened sufficiently.

5. Semilion
Manufactured most notably in Australia and France, it’s a grape which is golden coloured and easy to produce. This variety of grape is used to make both kinds of white wine, sweet white wine and even dry white wine.

6. Reisling
A type of grape produced primarily in the Rhine region of Germany. This white wine is produced from this white colored grape species. This grape grows produces an aromatic smell and can be fermented to produce various kinds of wines, like sparkling, dry or even sweet white wine.

7. Muscat
Moscato is produced from Muscat grapes , this is a versatile species that can be used to make many kinds of white wines like table wine, dessert wine(low alcohol percentage), sparkling white wine and even fortified wine. This species of grape is grown in many places around the world.

8. Gewurztraminar
Produced from a kind of pink or red colored grape, it is an aromatic grape species. This species of grape is also produced in many European and American countries. The name of this grape originally means spice traminar and is known to go best with Asian cuisine.

9. Sauvignon Saint-Bris
An original French produced white wine. This white wine brand goes best with the classic “wine and cheese” dish. This wine is also known to be excellent with Thai food. This white wine has a flowery and fruity taste of green apple and elderflower.

10. Moscatel
This white wine from Valencia in Spain is a sweet variety of white wine. This wine brand is light in nature and retains the taste of grapes used to produce this wine. This white wine goes well with desserts and even slightly sour cheeses.

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