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Top 10 Rum Brands

Top 10 Rum brands and Best Rum

We have to admit that rum is actually our favorite liquor and we love to pretend we’re pirates while drinking it. We’ve spent loads of time trying all the different brands of rum, and we’re proud to present you with this top 10 rum brands list. Some of these rums are better mixed with cola, etc. We kept the list easy to follow and easy enough for you to find these rum brands at your local liquor shop. So enough talking, on with the list!

Top 10 Rums

1. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (92 proof)

Sailor Jerry rum is our favorite rum in the world. We love everything about it, the proof, the taste, the color, the texture. Excellent rum.

2. Goslings Black Label Rum (80 proof)
A very unqiue rum not just in color, but also in taste. This rum is high quality and very different that ordinary rum brands.

3. Mount Gay Premium White or Eclipse (86 proof)
This rum brand has the claim to fame of being the oldest rum brand in today. The mount gay top shelf rum has won multiple awards and is great quality rum.

4. Captain Morgan tattoo Rum (70 proof)
Notice a trend here? This rum brand has a very unique taste as well. We love the branding of this rum as well.

5. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (70 proof)
Can be argued as the most popular rum brand in the world. Captain morgan is known for it’s great taste and quality of rum. This rum is popular for a reason. Great to mix.

6. Kraken Rum (94 proof)
This is a newer rum brand, and still might be hard to find in some areas. We love the proof and taste of this rum.

7. Pusser’s British Navy Dark Rum (84 proof)
Pusser’s is a great rum brand, but we simply prefer sailor jerry for our navy rum of choice.

8. Sunset Very Strong Rum (169 proof)
This rum is very strong, we’re guessing you figured that out by it’s name and proof. This rum brand will knock you off your feet, and deserves a mention for obviuos reasons.

9. Appleton Estate VX Rum (80 proof)
This Jamaican rum brand has a lenghty history and enjoyed by many rum lovers.

10. Bacardi Silver & Gold Rum (80 proof)
The other rum that could be argued as the most popular in the world. Bacardi makes very good rum and has been doing so for a very long time. The ultimate mixing rum.

Honorable Mentions: 10 Cane Rum, Malibu Rum, Myers Dark

Flavored Rum Brands
We didn’t add in any flavored rums, but we like to stick to the Bacardi falvored brands when we’re in the mood for flavored rum.

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