Top 10 Moscato Brands

Top 10 Moscato brands and Best Moscato

Moscato has really risen in popularity over the last couple of years due to various songs about moscato and people discovering it’s great taste. Moscato wine seems to be the lastest taste trend that wine connoisseurs are raving about. Moscato is generally known as sparkling wine that goes best with desserts or after a meal that was heavy, Moscato is also low on alcohol. Moscato is known to come in a pale golden color and has quite a few world famous brands.

Moscato may taste like a desert wine, but it’s not officially classified as a desert wine. Muscato is known as a foritied wine created from muscat grapes. Muscat is widely grown thoughout Spain and Portugal. Muscat wine is also known to act as the basis for Pisco, a brandy like drink. The assorted compounds in muscat grapes are what give Moscato it’s unique taste. Muscat grapes are specially grown for wine making.

We could bore you with more Moscato facts, but we’ll cut to the chase and list out our favorite Moscato Brands.

Top 10 Moscato Brands

1. Moscato Allegro Wine

A Californian moscato brand that uses the Canelli variant of the Muscat grapes. This moscato brand is a bottom fermenting wine that’s produced at cold temperatures and is flavored with apricots that are honeyed, a tinge of orange and peaches. We love this brand!

2. Barefoot Moscato

A citrusy and aromatic wine, Barefoot Moscato is rich in flavors. A beautiful blend of apricots, peach, orange and lemon, it has a sweet flavor to it. It’s a moscato wine made in California.

3. Candoni Moscato Wine

This moscato is produced and given to the world by the famous Italian Candoni winery. Moscato d’Italia is a apart of their white wine production. With a relatively low alcohol level, this wine is partially sparkling. This wine should be served young and stored at a temperature that remains constant.

4. Villa Lanata Moscato Wine

This Moscato comes from the region of Piedmont. Villa Lanata is a white wine which has perfectly balanced the sweet and the fruity quality of the Muscat Grapes. This moscato brand is also easy on the wallet.

5. Robert Mandavi Moscato Wine
This moscato is less sweet than usual Moscatos, this has a slightly acidic taste to it. Known for it’s hints of Jasmine that provide the fragrance that defines this wine. This moscato brand is perfect for your afternoon drink.

6. Ceretto Santo Stefano Moscato Wine
This moscato brand is known as a sparkling wine that is relatively light and goes well with desserts. It features a light aroma and a taste that is smooth and sweet, rather than being a combination of sweet and acidic.

7. Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D’Asti
This might be your best bet for a party moscato or moscato brand that you have to buy in bulk for friends. This moscato brand has a very reasonable price, and tastes great. This brand of Moscato is produced in Italy.

8. Bertenura Moscato
This Moscato is fermented at a temperature kept low. It’s a sweet white wine. This Moscato with a light, peachy smell goes best with fruits and light desserts. It’s best when served chill. The only drawback is that the shelf life of this moscato is generally not very long.

9. Borgo Reale Moscato d’Ast wine
A Moscato brand from the Italian winery called Borgo Reale, this Moscato wine uses the varietal Muscat Blanc a Petits grains. A type of sparkling white wine, that also tastes great.

10. Mazzeti Moscato Wine
Again an Italian Moscato wine, this is one of the few wines that is produced with a full percentage of only the best quality muscat grapes. There are no added fruits or flavours to this pure Moscato wine. Therefore, the sole presence of grapes make this wine stronger and more natural, unlike the typical Moscato brands.

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