Top 5 Gin Brands

Top 5 Gin Brands and Best Gin

Originally named by its creator Franciscus de la Boe (a.k.a. Dr. Sylvius) as Genièvre, the English (the innovators they are) shortened the name to Gin to make ordering faster and also…pronounceable. Now with many more distilleries in the game, gin has found a place in America as low grade liquor. But don’t be fooled, a higher class gin may be cheaper than a regular bottle of rum or vodka, but it still makes for some great cocktails and awesome man drinks. For those times when you’re looking to mix it up, take a look below at the suggested best Gin brands and surprise everyone the next time you’re out with a well ordered drink. A real drinker knows the greats of every liquor…not just Grey Goose and Johnny Walker.

1. Bombay Sapphire

Never over $40, this English gin mixture is widely known as one of the best gin brands and is easily one of the most widely consumed as well. With its smooth kick and its electric blue bottle, it’s as delicious as its bottle is titillating. Adds color to any drink and has a few specialties of its own like the Sapphire Savoy or the Sapphire Negroni. People tend to be weary of jumping in the Gin pool, but if you’re going to stick your toes in, this is the one start to test out.

2. Magellan

Staying on the “blue” train, if you want to have an original, you’re going to want to go with Magellan Gin. Naturally blue in color, Magellan can run you upwards of $50, but it will certainly be worth it when you take a taste. Gin quality is based on the quality of water it’s used to distill with, and Magellan uses some of the best spring water and distilled resources a liquor producer can use. Distilled through such crisp, clean water can only produce remarkably smooth liquor. Magellan has also been around since 1519, so if you want a Gin that has experience and you can trust; try looking like you know something no one else does by ordering this drink.

3. G’Vine

Never heard of it? Not many have. Conservatively priced at $35, if you want to order something that is different, or you want to bring a bottle to the party that will stand out, this is the way to go. G’Vine has two Gins, Flouraison and Nouaison, both having both a fruity and floral scent. Distilled with spring waters and various ripened berries, this will be a Gin every lady will enjoy and men won’t mind adding to their drinks for an extra punch of flavor. This is a perfect drink when you want to turn your regular gin and tonic up a notch.

4. Plymouth
You can’t really talk Gins without mentioning Plymouth. An easy buy around $25, this stuff was originally made popular by gaining recognition as being “navy strength” at 57% abv and consisting 1000 barrels at a time to the Royal Navy. The originator of the dry martini, this Gin has taste, age (1793), originality and history to propel it to being one of the best in the world. If you are ever unsure of Gins, but you want to look like an original, you cannot go wrong with ordering a martini with Plymouth. James Bond anyone?

5. Leopold Bros.
The one thing that most of the gins (well all) on this list have in common is that they are made somewhere that is not the US. Well here is some American love in the form of a rich and flavorful Gin distilled by the Leopold Bros. Named by Wall Street as the best American Gin, this bottle comes classic, no frills about it. Hand bottled and hand labled, Leopold Bros. work on the platform of “attention to detail” and go the extra step to ensure each barrel is brewed and distilled the way that exact barrel needs to be. That extra effort it something you’ll taste in each drop of this Gin.

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