Best Unknown Drinking Games

Everyone has a pre-drinking ritual before they go out. Whether it’s blasting their favourite song before hitting the bars or downing their favourite shot everyone preps differently. Drinking Games are a popular choice and have been a mainstay at parties for decades. You may know about King’s Cup and Flip Cup but here are some “alternative” drinking games sure to impress your friends at the next party.

1) Bottle Blow – All you need for this game is an empty bottle, which shouldn’t be hard to find, and a deck of cards. Put the deck of cards on the top of the bottle. Each of your friends take turns blowing cards off of the deck. The last person to blow a card drinks a beer. There are additional rules you can add to increase the fun. For example if you blow a Queen card off you drink a beer or if you blow two off, two beers and so on. The flexibility adding rules adds to the madness.

2) Quarters – If you’re short on ideas and game pieces, this one is great because it requires no additional pieces other than a quarter. The game starts by spinning a quarter to see who goes first. Whomever the antlers are pointed at is the first player. The object is to bounce a quarter off the table and into the glass. If the coin goes in the shooter picks who must drink. If the quarter doesn’t land in the glass, the next player starts their turn.

3) Edward 40 Hands – Not only is this game not for the faint of heart, it’s not recommended if you have somewhere to be in a few hours. The rules are simple. A 40 is duct-taped to each of your hands and you cannot remove them for any reason. You’re forced to drink both 40s, before even going to the bathroom.

4) Clown – Another game that requires only a deck of cards. Everyone flips over their card and if anyone has the same numbered card they must turn to the person and yell “Clown”. Speed is important for this game, because whoever doesn’t say it fast enough has to drink whatever the number on the card says.

5) Celebrity – This game is a little more social. It’s a great way to loosen up and break the ice if not everyone knows each other all that well just yet. Everyone writes down a celebrity’s name on a post it note and puts it in a bowl. Without looking, everyone reaches in and puts one of the names on their forehead. Once on, everyone takes turns asking yes or no questions to figure out who is written on their post-it note. Any time you get “No” as an answer you drink. If you get a “Yes” you hand out a drink to someone of your choosing. The first person to figure out their celebrity now has the ability to hand-out drinks to anyone they choose until the end of the game.

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