Top 10 Absinthe Brands

Top 10 Absinthe Brands and Best Absinthe

It’s no secret that throughout history absinthe has reached taboo status. This status was evolved from absinthe being known to contain a chemical called Thujone. Thujone was believed to cause various hallucinations and lucid effects on the mind and body. Thujone is was sparked the ban of absinthe in the United States in 1915. It was eventually proved to be misinformation and false.

Authentic Absinthe(Containing Wormwood) is now legal in the United States for purchase and consumption. Picking up a bottle of any liquor can be overwhelming, and the ignorance of knowledge behind absinthe can make this process even more difficult. This article will provide everything you need to know in regards to the best absinthe brands and ways to drink absinthe traditionally.

Just like any other spirit available for purchase, there is plenty of crap available at the store; This alcohol store filler either tastes bad or doesn’t even follow the tradtional absinthe recipe. This article will also attempt to keep you from those absinthe brands that are not of the highest quality. Now on to the good stuff, bring on the green fairy!

Absinthe Rose to popularity in France and Switzerland somewhere around the 18th century. Drinks containing Wormwood have been used for medicine for over a thousand years. Just because a drink contains wormwood, it doesn’t make it Absinthe. Absinthe is much more complex than containing wordwood as an ingredient. Some of these non-absinthe drinks are Vermouth, Pio, Unowka, Aquavits, and Scandinavian besk.

Asbinthe explained

Absinthe is a alcohol spirit that is flavored from wormwood and anise. Absinthe is distilled from fennel, absinthium, and anise. Absinthe is believed to get its name from the french name “grande absinthe” and possibly the absinthium has something to do with it as well.

Absinthe is known to posses an aquired herbal taste. It’s usually a common misconception that absinthe is very bitter. While brands of absinthe are bitter, it’s often not as much as its reputation would suggest it to be. Another popular misconception is that pre-ban absinthe tastes different than the post-ban absinthe. While this may ring true in some cases it’s not always the case either. brands of Absinthe is also known to come in a variety or flavors, packaging, and styles.

The taste of absinthe has been known to be synounomous with the taste of black licorice. This comparison is fair, considering that the majority of licorice brands are flavored with star anise oil. This flavoring is used in high volume in the lower quality brands of absinthe. The high quality brands of absinthe are known to use green anise, which is known to produce a superior flavor and balance.

Absinthe facts & myths

• Absinthe in the U.S. is authentic absinthe
• Thujone is not a recreational drug
• Absinthe doesn’t cause hallucinations & lucid effects
• Stick with clear and naturally colored absinthe brands
• Thujone is not the main absinthe ingredient and should not be marketed as such
• Absinthe brands should always be distilled
• Absinthe is liquor not liqueur. Stay away from absinthe liqueur
• Only imitation absinthe brands are very bitter
• Pre-ban absinthe thujone level was not any higher than today’s authentic brands
• Absinthe is not bottled with sugar

How to drink Absinthe

Brands of Absinthe are known to be very high in alcohol percentage and proof, usually in the 50% to 80% range (100 to 160 proof); Common liquor is generally around 30% (60 proof).

Absinthe is meant to be diluted with three to five parts ice water and served with one part absinthe. You can also mix in absinthe into various cocktails and shooters.

Light absinthe on fire?

Absinthe is very alcoholic and can be very dangerous when lit on fire. The traditional way to drink absinthe is mentioned above and does not include anywhere that mentions lighting it on fire before shooting or drinking. Obviously people are known to light it on fire before shooting it, but that is very dangerous and ruins the taste. If you’re into drinking absinthe for the wow factor or simply to say you have before, then this is obviously where you might attempt something like this in dumb ignorance.

The types of absinthe

Absinthe Styles
  • Blanche/La Bleu – uncolored
  • Verte – naturally colored green by soaking plants in the distillate process
  • Rouge – naturally colored red with hibiscus and/or other flowers
  • Bohemian-style – artificially colored (typically) and tastes low quality
  • Production Countries
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • USA

  • Top 10 Absinthe brands in the world


    1. L’Ancienne – Quality, replicates the flavors of a pre-ban absinthe.
    2. Perroquet – Great wormwood flavor and balance.
    3. La Grenouille – High quality absinthe from the Czech Republic.
    4. Perroquet Barrel Aged – Aged in oak and delicious.
    5. Jade PF 1901 – Recipe is based of a pre-ban absinthe recipe.
    6. Sauvage – Excellent absinthe from France.
    7. Brevans A.O. Spare – Quality absinthe all around.
    8. La Maison Fontaine – Worwood centric blanche.
    9. Veuve Verte – A well kept secret among absinthe fans.
    10. Berthe de Joux – Strong and herbal.

    Best USA Absinthe brands

    1. Ridge Verte – America’s best. Reigns from Montana.
    2. Pacifique – Darkhorse favorite from the Pac-northwest.
    3. Ridge Blanche – Uncolored and quality again from Montana.
    4. Jade Nouvelle Orleans – New Orleans. Unique. Amazing.
    5. Duplais Blanche – Very light blance absinthe.
    6. Walton Waters – Has an outdoor feel to it.
    7. Meadow of Love – Very delicate absinthe.
    8. Marteau – Spicy and delicious from a society founder.
    9. Leopold Brothers Verte – Has a flower attribute to it and quality tasting.
    10. La Clandestine – Very popular and for good reason.

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