Plan a great bachelor party

How to plan a great Bachelor Party

Whether you’ve been best freinds for years or family, being the best man of a wedding is an honor and should be treated as such. Your performance as a best man will be judged by the wedding party and attendes, so try not to screw it up. There are several integral parts of the posistion from the speech/toast to the tux fittings, but no other part is as important as the bachelor party. The best man is responsible for planning and organizing the bachelor party. This might be the last taste of freedom the groom ever has again in his life, don’t let him down. No matter the scale the bachelor party will be rememebred for the rest of your lives. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for this awesome occasion with our bachelor party guide below.

Bachelor Party Overview

  • Cash / Money
  • Transportation / DD
  • List of activities or events
  • Tight circle of friends / attendes
  • Location / venue(s)
  • Alcohol / Liquor / Beer / Wine
  • Strippers? We’re kidding.. but seriously.
  • This is a bachelor party, not a freindly wine and dine, or a brunch and munch. This is your best friend’s last night of freedom, so don’t let him down. Plan accordingly and make sure he has the time of his life.

    Choose your posse wisely

    As the best man it’s your chief responsibility to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. The Groom doesn’t need to be getting harrased on his wedding day by his wife, because one of your friends decided to open his mouth about what shennanigans went down on his last night of freedom.

    Plan a budget

    Let’s be honest, whenever booze is involved tabs can grow out of control quick. Make sure you have a strong handle on possible finances. The last thing you want is to be chasing debt for the next five years of your life, because you thought it was a great idea to put all the budget money on black. This tip really only applies in Vegas or casinos.

    Get a ride

    No one in the party should have to taxi everyone around, it’s a recipe for disaster that can lead to DUIs and the sober guy wanting to leave early. Make sure you schedule transportation whether it’s a limo, party bus, taxi, or friend.

    Bachelor Party ideas

    Football game / tailgating
    Bar / club crawl
    Destination Bachelor Party (Another country or city)
    Road Trip Bachelor Party (Rent an RV?)
    Rent a beach house
    Rent a Cabin
    Bachelor party swag (Custom Tshits, hats)
    Event Party (Mardi Gras)
    Obligatory strip club
    Rent a club or venu
    Bachelor party games & party favors
    Scavenger hunt list (really fun in Vegas)
    Pre-game & party

    Bachelor party Destinations

    Las Vegas
    New York City (NYC)
    Atlantic City
    Los Angeles
    New Orleans
    Dallas (strip club capitol of the U.S.)
    San Diego

    DENY, DENY, & DENY SOME MORE! #bachelorparty

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